Relationship Issues

Are you struggling with conflict in your current relationships? Or struggling to let go and move on from an old relationship? Suffering with the grief of loss of a loved one, your beloved family pet or even your job.

Relationships play a part in more than just the intimate sense. Work colleagues, changing jobs, school friends, your pet. Even a bad relationship ending can create issues that effect us on many levels.

Whether it's an intimate relationship, a close friendship or the lingering grief and loss of a loved one, emotional triggers exist that keep us wondering:

"could i have done something different"

"why is my partner pushing my buttons"

"what's wrong with me"

"how can i move on from this"

"why am i not happy"

"why am i reacting this way"

Issues from the past are rooted in our subconscious and when they are triggered we repeatedly play scenarios in our current relationships that don't belong there. I help you find and understand the root cause of your emotional reactions so you can release them and find balance, peace and happiness in yourself allowing you to bring your best to any and all of your relationships.

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