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Yoga and mental wellness

Updated: May 10, 2019

We've all been exposed to the trend. Hot yoga, bikram yoga, ashtang yoga, nude yoga (ummm maybe not). It's as "now" as spinach smoothies and tumeric lattes.

But the benefits of yoga can't be overstated. And this is awesome news for your mental wellness, easing that stress, anxiety and giving the old body a new, flexible lease on life.

Yoga is a powerful gift that you should give yourself. It is an ancient practice built on the three main elements- exercise, breathing and meditation. The focus required not only works your body but boosts your mental health as you learn to let go of ego and expectation and pay attention to your body and your mindset.

And don't worry, not one cares how well you can do the down dog or headstand, this is their quite time and they only see themselves.

Yoga can:

-improve flexibility

-improve posture and ease aches and pains in your body

-improve sleep quality

-reduce stress and anxiety

-improve concentration and focus

-relax your mind

-teach you wonderful breathing exercises that decrease the adrenaline surges in your body that today's busy world create.

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