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5 ways hypnosis can change your life

Updated: May 10, 2019

1. Improved deep sleep

Use of hypnosis can assist you to sleep better than your 8th grade algebra teacher passionately expressing his love of fractions. The hypnotic trance is the same sleep wave state you enter into as you fall asleep at night. Hypnosis can train your brain to enter into slow wave sleep more often. This deep restorative phase of our shut eye helps refresh and regenerate your mind and body.

2. Can ease hot flashes

You learn to dread that sneaky moment when your body decides to blast your internal thermostat as hot as the sun, leaving you desperately wishing your could strip off in the middle of your business meeting and stand in front of a fan while the firies hose you down. In fact, in the grip of the horrid hot flash, sacrificing your job might just be worth it!

Hypnotherapy delivers powerful suggestions for mental imagery that minimise the intensity of the hot flashes. Your mind can believe the lifesaving firies are in fact in the room with you. Or perhaps you're swimming in a cool lagoon, sipping an ice tea or an ice cold glass of wine.

As little as 5 weekly sessions can drop menopausal hot flashes by 74% on average leading to a significant decrease on interference in you daily life and sleep.

3. Can calm nerves, reducing stress and anxiety

By harnessing the powers of the mind, hypnosis helps clients relieve their nerves and stress by teaching them to tap into the unique state of their subconscious and rewire bad mental habits, such as cyclical thinking or obsessing over situations outside your control. Wonderfully relaxing visualisation techniques delivered alongside will have your powerful subconscious mind believing you are stretched out in the Bahamas with a beverage of your choice, every muscle in your body limp and soft after a massage at the hands of Sven the wonderous. All mental and physical stress and nerves simply oozing away.

4. Kicking those bad habits

By going into the powerful subconscious mind where you are more suggestible to changes than the conscious mind, hypnosis can help you kick bad habits by putting in the new mindset and changed behaviour you desire.

5. Losing that pesky weight that just won't go

Fed up with the evil lure of chocolate at midnight. Or that soft, rich, gooey chocolate mudcake that is seductively whispering your name? Hypnosis won't replace dieting and exercise but it will enhance your choices by overcoming the mental barriers preventing weight loss like binge eating or hesitations in exercise.

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