Why Hypnotherapy?

  • Hypnotherapy is faster and therefore more cost effective than other forms of therapy with 

     - 38% recovery after 600 sessions of behavioural therapy​

     - 72% recovery after 22 sessions of psychotherapy therapy      

     - 96% recovery after 6 sessions of hypnotherapy                    

  • Hypnosis will work for you by allowing you to alter your unconscious thought processes to achieve specific goals.

  • By changing how you think, you change how you react and behave.

  • You access and explore sometimes painful thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories that have created misperceptions in your thinking. Accessing these issues hidden from the conscious mind allows you to gain wiser insight and understanding and enables you to remove them from your life. 

  • It has been shown to help with brain control over sensation and behaviours and has been used clinically to help clients manage pain, control stress, anxiety, combat phobias and fears, address weight issues, find emotional balance, quit bad behaviour and addictions, improve sleep and eliminate issues stemming from childhood that are affecting your life.

  • It's highly effective and transformative with strong changes being made in as little as 2 sessions.


  • It's fluid and versatile and applicable to many different issues. I've seen many of my clients resolve one issue to find, to their delight other issues they had melting away at the same time.

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