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What's involved in hypnosis?

In your sessions, you will be relaxed, comfortable and guided into hypnotic trance where with my guidance you gain insight into what is holding you back from being who you desire to be. I use a client centred, insight approach to help you gain awareness and control of what it is that you need. Our sessions are active therapy to help you release what needs releasing and to lay in the positive new changes you seek. You will feel mentally and physically relaxed and able to focus deeply on what it is you need to work on. Having said that, there is no right or wrong way to feel when undergoing hypnosis.

The pre-hypnosis consult will help me understand what is troubling you and how I can best help you.

During your sessions you will be taken through 3 different stages of hypnosis. Light trance (Alpha) where you will still hear and remember everything and there will be guided visualisation, Theta which is much like being in deep meditation and down to Delta, the deepest stage where you won't be paying attention to your therapist but your subconscious mind is paying close attention and readily accepts the suggestions to act on.


How many sessions will i need?

It depends on the issues you are trying to change. Most clients need 2- 6 sessions. When clients have had several issues they are concerned about I address the most pressing presenting issue and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised to see some of the other issues starting to fall away. 

We can discuss your individual needs either in the first session or the free pre-hypnosis discovery phone consult.


Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes, everyone can be hypnotised. We go into hypnotic trance ourselves regularly. Have you ever been fully emerged in a book or movie and your focus is targeted and blocks out those around you? Drifted off to sleep and in that deeply relaxed state of knowing you're falling asleep but still distantly aware of things around you in your room?

Hypnosis is merely the platform used for inducing varying depths of trance where therapeutic intervention is delivered.

But like every other therapy, there are things that will stop it from happening. The following are a few:

  • The client doesn't want to be hypnotised and consciously blocks the therapeutic process.

  • Being disconnected from conscious awareness ie alcohol, under the influence of drugs, severe mental illness.

  • Have control or excessive trust issues.

  • Lacking good rapport with the therapist.

  • Being skeptical or fearful of the process.

  • If the client is there on someone else's wishes and doesn't want to change.


Will i end up clucking like a chicken or quacking like a duck?


You can not be made to say or do anything you do not want. YOU are always in control. It is your mind and the changes that are made are those

that you desire. It is my role as your therapist to guide, support and assist you to release what you need to release and create the changes you want to achieve. If you'd really like to cluck or quack, it could be done. However, I take my role as your therapist seriously and pride myself on my integrity and professionalism in only helping create changes that will make you the best, happiest person you can be.


Isn't it some weird hippy s#*t?

No. The scientific history of hypnotherapy can be traced back to the 1800's where it was proven that the change in brain wave patterns during hypnosis was highly conducive to behavioural and emotional changes. Hypnosis has been used hundreds of years before then in different cultures to cure physical and emotional ailments. 

It is a field currently recognised, recommended and used by Physicians, psychologists and psychotherapist.


Will i remember the session?

The answer to this is sometimes. It seems ambiguous but each persons experience of hypnosis is unique and varied. I have had clients who remember every part of their session, and they are amazed at how clear their experience was. I have also had clients who say they only recall a small amount.


Most times the amount of recall is determined by how deeply into trance you go. Being able to hear my voice, finding your thoughts drifting or being deeply relaxed to the point where you feel asleep are all normal stages of hypnosis. As a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist it is my job to know if you are deep enough to have the changes you want happen and to make sure you go there.

Your experience will be unique to you. Sometimes absolute clarity and that 'AHA!' moment occurs as we work through your session, other times it will be quite abstract as your subconscious unravels things behind the scenes.

You will still gain successful results whether you remember the session or not, regardless or how clear or abstract it is.


Will i be asleep or not in control?

No. A sleeping mind is an unconscious mind and can not be communicated with. You will experience a deeply relaxing, meditative state, also known as trance. Much like when you are drifting into sleep. You will be aware of sounds around you, you will hear my voice but your conscious mind steps aside so your subconscious mind can become highly alert and ready to change.

You will always be in control. Your subconscious mind will bring up the issues you are ready to deal with. It can be very emotional and you may be worried about being overwhelmed or losing control. It is important to work through the emotions as this is where the best change happens. I am very experienced at ensuring you don't lose control and in keeping you safe and supported as you work through these issues. 

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