Overcome Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can control every part of your life, leaving you feeling unable to explain to people how trapped and debilitated you feel.        

Hypnosis can be a very effective alternative therapy for chronic pain.  When the body receives an injury, our subconscious mind creates pathways that our pain perception sits in. Long after the original injury is healed and doctor and specialist appointments, tests and interventions show the original cause it gone, pain remains. It has been around so long it has become an illness in itself and it feels like no amount of medication will relieve it.


Chronic pain does not just give you physical issues, it effects your sleep, your mood, your relationships, your ability to work or do things you once enjoyed, damaging your self image and self worth.


Hypnosis is also very effective therapy in managing pain as it targets 88% of the components of pain – tension, anxiety, and stress. Techniques used include manage pain by disassociating from it, displacing it to a location in the body that is not as debilitating, reducing its intensity and, in some cases, eliminating the pain altogether. But we do more than just address the physical symptoms. Often your chronic pain is linked to emotional perceptions and causes associated with a rough or difficulty patch in your life. We find these root causes and we yank it them out permanently.

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