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Why Hypnotherapy?

Change is hard when your subconscious mind is holding you back.

Hypnotherapy helps remove the old negative emotional blocks from your subconscious, assisting you in letting go of habits, negative emotions and behaviours and replacing them with powerful new changes, positive emotions and behaviours that YOU desire.



 Shift out of the state you are stuck in and find your new path. Get back your purpose, your  happiness, and claim balance in your life

hypnosis for kids

Is your child struggling:







Ready to stop pain controlling your life?

overcome Relationship 


Struggling with grief and loss, needing to move on from old relationships or improve the ones you are in?


About Sheridan O'Shea

Hypnotherapist, Resource Therapist, Paramedic

Sheridan has been passionately helping people for over 18 years. In her role as a front-line emergency worker she has had vast experience helping those who were experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, a lack of self esteem and confidence, emotional stress and upheaval, poor mental health, negative behaviours and addictions and those struggling with domestic & family violence.

Recognising there needed to be a better way to heal than "see another doctor, pop another pill" Sheridan, through exploring her own journey to health and well-being, discovered the deep and powerful changes hypnotherapy can bring. Knowing it takes commitment and a desire to change, Sheridan offers a supportive, calm and committed space to help you feel safe and to bring long-lasting positive changes that you desire.  She has a warm, approachable nature that helps you open up to best release your fears and emotions that are subconsciously controlling your behaviours.

Sheridan is passionate about helping people take back control of their lives. Qualified in Hypnotherapy, life coaching and Resource Therapy, a mixed modality approach is used to take the client into a place of great insight to allow them to get to the source of the issue so that understanding occurs. This allows for release of what is holding you back so you can use the abilities of your subconscious mind to create the future you want.

Registered with  : AHPRA (Australian Health Professionals Regulation Agency)

                               : RTI (Resource Therapy International)

Appointment Structure

As no two clients are the same, please contact me to find out how I will structure your sessions to best achieve your goals and the fees involved.

Discounts available for Emergency, Defence and ED staff and their immediate families.


Initial Consultation
Please allow 1.5 - 2 hours


Follow up Consults

Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours


Session Packages Available


Keith F

Sheridan makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable in the space she provides. I was amazed at how good and positive I felt post a session with her. Great practitioner who knows her job well.​


Ingrid P

Sheridan is an amazing hypnotherapist. I have had many sessions with Sheridan and each and every session was insightful and valuable. 

Sheridan gets to the core of issues quickly and skillfully to unblock the negative emotions and patterns attached. 

The setting is private and comfortable. Sheridan is approachable and open. I highly recommend her as a hypnotherapist.   


Chyane R

Fantastic experience with Sheridan as a therapist. She's intuitive, caring and understands you as a person. I've grown so much and gained control of my life in unexpected ways.

I highly recommend her for any problems you have.

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